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ZMA is a specific combination of Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin B6. In this combo it is an all-natural (non-steroidal), 100% clinically proven, supplement to significantly increase testosterone, performance and muscle strength in athletes. Increased muscle tissue growth and recovery can only be accomplished if your body is kept in an anabolic state.

ZMA helps your body to stay in this state thereby increasing your body's ability for gaining lean muscle mass.

ZMA is rapidly becoming the preferred choice to prohormones (anabolic steroids). It has two key advantages:
• It doesn't need to be cycled, because it will not suppress your own endogenous production of testosterone and…
• It is not a prohormone or hormone precursor, and is not banned by any athletic organizations.

Five Reasons You Should Be Taking ZMA:
1. Increase Gains - can help boost testosterone and in turn, help increase performance.
2. Sleep Like a Baby - users have reported a deeper night’s sleep and a more frequent feeling of being well rested the next morning.
3. Boost Sex Drive & Mood - adequate levels of testosterone are responsible for a healthy sex drive.
4. Not Only For Men - women have testosterone too, and the benefits of ZMA are not reserved just for men!
5. It’s all natural. A powerful and necessary aid for athletes, body builders and those who just want to look and be fitter.

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