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VoluBust Cream

Volubust Capsules

Volubust Capsules
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Full, Firm, Natural Breasts

Hormone imbalance has been found to be a leading cause of poor breast development during puberty, and later in life due to age or childbirth, when fluctuations of female hormones can perpetuate problems such as sagging and shrinking of a woman’s breasts.

Scientific research has concluded that complete breast tissue growth occurs most efficiently with balanced Oestrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin, Human Growth Hormone and GF Compounds. Lack of these compounds leads to under-development of the breasts during puberty and after puberty the body ceases to produce a significant amount of GF compounds, so full breast development ends.

How Does VoluBust help?
This natural herbal formula stimulates changes in the concentration of these hormones, increasing the levels of GF compounds potentially leading to growth of new breast tissue and thus breast enlargement and firmness. VoluBust’s unique formula and blend of herbs fire-up the oestrogen receptor sites that may have been inactive since puberty.

Volubust capsules and cream contain Pueraria Mirifica - a plant whose tuber has been shown to contain a very high level of very specific isoflavones that both develops and firms breast muscle tissue.

In a trial on over 90 women it was found that those taking the amount contained in Volubust just 15 days each month over a 3 month period experienced on average:
• 82.35% increase in Enlargement
• 88.23 increase in Firmness
...as well as similar increases in healthier hair, skin tone, nail growth and vaginal secretions.

It also showed high anti-mutagenic effects as well as high killing effects to mammary cancer cells.

Best results using VoluBust have been found for women whose loss of size and shape is due to age and / or because of breastfeeding, and those whose breasts are disproportionately small in relationship to their body size.

Many users report feeling changes within the first month with visible results after 2 to 3 months. Maximum firmness is usually achieved after three months whilst size development can take 6 to 9 months. For best results it is recommended you take a 3-month course of capsules and cream.

Note - using the cream accelerates the process because glandular tissue reacts to soft massage helping the breasts immensely with growth. Massage from the armpits towards the front & never pinch the breast during massage.

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