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Boost the Health of Your Prostate

With ProstBoost you have proven ingredients in their required quantities to take comprehensive care of your prostate.

The ingredients within ProstBoost are a range of Phytosterols and in particular a Beta-sitosterol complex, plus Soy Isoflavones, Althaea officinalis Root, Parsley, Hydrangea and Horsetail. Phytosterols – are the hormones and steroids within many plants that help keep them healthy.

They are the oil constituents that can be found within soy beans, pygeum and even saw palmetto (but in very small quantities). In a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicentre study in Germany, 200 patients with symptomatic prostate gland enlargement were treated with either 20 mg beta-sitosterol complex (which contained a mixture of phytosterols) three times per day or a placebo. The results were printed in the Lancet in 1995 and showed a specific sterol blend with beta sitosterol, campsterol, stigmasterol (and others) significantly reduced prostate gland enlargement.

The study concluded that the beta sitosterol complex inhibited prostaglandin synthesis thus reducing inflammation. Research has shown that Beta-sitosterol complexes can inhibit tumour formation and, where already present, slow down spreading.

Similarly Soy Isoflavones contain the anti-oxidant genistein which has similarly been shown to inhibit the proliferation of dangerous cells.

The remaining three herbs Althaea officinalis root, Parsley & Hydrangea have the primary function of reducing inflammation of the prostate and encouraging full urine flow. The herbs act synergistically to help eliminate impurities from the prostate and thus reduce the chances of inflammation.

Hydrangea also has the added benefit of being anti-lithic, which helps prevent stones or gravel from forming in the kidneys and bladder.

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