Oral Sweet Male BOGOF

Oral Sweet Male BOGOF

Oral Sweet Female BOGOF

Oral Sweet Female BOGOF
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Enhance Your Oral Sex Life!

Oral Sweet is a new dietary supplement designed to give the body’s sexual juices a flavoured scent and taste - making oral sexual activities all the more fun and enjoyable. Indeed if you want to enhance your oral sex and surprise your love with an amazing new experience then the Oral Sweet formulas are for you!

How does Oral Sweet work?
By combining a special selection of fruits, vegetables and spices they work their magic to alkalise your secretions, thereby eliminating any bitter taste, whilst sweetening them with natural sugars found in the fruits. As the body produces new semen and juices, adding these ingredients to the process, modifies their taste. Note: for men we recommend ejaculating once or twice before your partner does the taste test to get rid of the stored non Oral Sweet affected sperm.

Oral Sweet for men is supplied in a delicious minty flavour chew, whilst Oral Sweet for women is supplied in a tangy citrus flavour chew. Simply chew 1-2 lozenges daily before breakfast.

Warning – due to the natural sugar content within Oral Sweet, diabetics and hypoglycemics may wish to consult their doctor before use.

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