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Creatine XL
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Creatine a Body to Be Proud Of

Benefits of creatine supplementing include:
• Increased lean body mass & muscle
• More stored ATP & raised endurance
• Increased short burst power output
• More rapid workout recovery

For athletes and those looking to improve their physique, dietary creatine is often insufficient. Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE) is considered by many experts to be a more efficient form of the world’s most popular strength enhancing supplement, creatine monohydrate. CEE is recommended to anyone who wants to improve physique / sporting performance and athletes looking to boost strength, power and lean mass.

CEE is an advanced supplement that takes the standard creatine monohydrate and boosts its effectiveness with the addition of ester salts. These ester salts make it more easily absorbed and ease uptake by your cells with less thus required to be taken. CEE helps provide a quick boost of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate which transports energy in cells) to the working muscles, which in turn facilitates improvements in lean mass, strength and power.

Scientific research at the University of Connecticut concluded “creatine supplementation represents a safe and effective method to enhance muscle size and strength responses to resistance training."

Whilst a ‘typical’ dosage is 3-6g per day, needs vary depending on bodyweight and training level. Take CEE around 1 hour before a workout.

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