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CherryAid Plus
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Optimise Fitness Training Pre- & Post-Workout

Increasingly, sports nutritionists are using tart Montmorency cherries as part of a daily program to support athletic performance and recovery. Indeed the same compounds linked to cherries’ arthritis and cardiovascular benefits (antioxidant anthocyanins) have been clinically shown to help athletes reduce muscle damage and to be able to recover faster from tough workouts.

A University of Vermont study gave 12oz of cherry juice or placebo twice a day for eight days to 14 college men. On day 4, the men were asked to perform strenuous weight lifting of two sets of 20 reps each. Strength loss after exercise was only 4% with the juice compared to 22% with another beverage, and pain significantly decreased following cherry juice consumption.

A study at the Oregon Health & Science University of runners who drank cherry juice twice a day prior to and on the day of a long-distance race showed significantly less muscle pain post race. A similar study in marathon runners found those who drank the juice before, during and after a marathon experienced a faster recovery in strength, plus reduced inflammation.

Recommended usage: Take 3 capsules within 30 minutes after finishing a training session or workout. For additional recovery, take two capsules 30 minutes before bed. For more general maintenance, take 1-3 capsules daily when not in training.

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